Cheboygan State Park - Cheboygan, Michigan USA
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Cheboygan State Park is located on the Straits of Mackinac, with miles of scenic Lake Huron beachfront, views of historic lighthouse ruins, and a total of 932 recreational acres. A variety of developed facilities are offered at the park. Day users rank among the highest visitation numbers flocking to the large picnic facilities adjacent to Duncan Bay Beach. This beach is a result of foresighted individuals (Federal Bureau of Outdoor Recreation) who in 1956 conducted a survey of Michigan's coastline for possible state park sites. Another highlight at Cheboygan State Park is the Cheboygan Point Light.
This historic structure was originally built in 1851 but harsh winter weather took its toll. By 1859 another lighthouse was built on the accompanying shoreline. It served as a beacon of hope for coastline mariners until 1930 when the lighthouse and the surrounding properties were given to the State of Michigan.
Cheboygan State Park is open all year for a variety of activities. Great hiking on a system of well-marked trails through the park that provides access to scenic Lake Huron vistas with rare wildflowers and awesome birding. Modern camping, rustic cabins, and teepees are all available within the park. The Little Billy Elliot Creek flows through the park and is known for its trout. Fishing is also plentiful in Duncan Bay.

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